Oh, the places you’ll go

As the end of the academic year approaches rapidly, The Suffolk Journal — and many of us as students of this university — have taken some time to reflect.

We’ve reflected on our work as journalists and students, on what we can do better and what our goals are for the future. We’ve also been able to reflect and consider those who have been of great help along the way.

Joe Rice and Kyle Crozier — two of our graduating writers — thank you. Joe’s commitment to writing quality sports journalism never fails to bring a professional perspective to the pages of our sports section. Kyle’s dedication to chasing stories that inspire and spark curiosity has propelled our news section to new heights.

Thank you for all the hours you spent in our office, listening to our antics. Thank you for all the work you’ve put into this paper and for all those nights you spent with us, eyes wide and glued to screens. Thank you for the friendship and all the help you’ve given us. We wish you the very best.

To those who will be graduating in May, take this time to reflect on your time at Suffolk. Look to those who were there for you at your highest and lowest points, no matter how long ago. 

If your freshman roommate said something that stuck with you — and you know you’ll take with you throughout life — tell them, even if you haven’t talked in years. Visit that professor you only had for one class and tell them how grateful you are for their work.

Take this time to thank those who helped you along the way.

Just like Joe and Kyle helped us through those long, rough production nights, we all have people in our lives that just seem to help in getting through the day a little easier. 

When you walk across that stage on graduation day, whether or not you enjoyed your time here, do your best to pull the best experiences and the best lessons you can from all of those who helped, or hindered you, along the way. 

People will often tell you that high school contains the best years of your life. Then when you leave it, people will tell you the same about college. But if that’s the case, what do you have to look forward to?

The best of your life, graduate, is ahead of you. It isn’t student loan repayment, the hunt for a job or eating leftovers in front of a space heater. It’s about the future you create for yourself. Summer nights barbecuing with friends. Your future family waking up on holiday mornings. And everything that comes in between. It’s about the journey; a journey you’re well on your way to starting.

You will learn a lot throughout life, but never forget where you came from. The world moves quickly nowadays. If you don’t stop to look around, you might miss it.

~The Suffolk Journal Staff