New SGA election bylaws address issues from 2018-2019 E-board election

SGA passed a new set of election bylaws last Thursday. While Most of the regulations outlined in the resolution reaffirm rules that have been in place in the SGA election packets from previous years, this is the first official set of election bylaws written and passed by SGA.

The bylaws address issues SGA faced during the 2018-2019 E-board election, specifically the delayed release of that election results and team GRIT’s disqualification over violating the election packets rules against handing out novelties in voting areas.

According to the new bylaws, election results will be posted within four hours at the end of the voting period. Additionally, “Candidates or their supporters will not impede the progress of persons who wish to walk through Suffolk University buildings. No slips of paper or novelties of any size may be handed to the potential voters.”

The bylaws limit election spending to $35 for each candidate and implement a strike system that punishes candidates to different extents, such as taking down their posters for a tier one offense or eliminating them from the race for a tier three offense, if they break the election rules.

An amendment was made by Class of 2020 Senator Katie Bell-Wright to adjust the qualifications needed to run for an E-board position. It read, “one must serve at least one semester as an SGA member including the semester before the spring election in question, with the exception of studying abroad. Students studying abroad must have served the previous spring semester.”

“[SGA] will utilize the new bylaws to regulate elections in a more fair and equitable manner,” said SGA Vice President Doug Botelho.