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Txt spk: makes you incredibly dumb

Article By: Leslie Harold

I was text messaging my friend when a realization came to mind: since when has the world completely lost all its interpersonal communication with one another? When friends all of ages make plans to hang out on Friday night, it can be done through an electronic device or through social media sites rather than through word- of-mouth and in person. When a teenage girl goes out on her first date, the boy lets her know he’s outside her door through a text rather than the traditional scenario of walking up to her parent’s house and ringing the doorbell. I don’t know about you, but I find it appalling that society has changed so significantly over the last couple of years. There is no doubt that social networking technologies are changing society. The utilization of social networking sites and text messaging is a global phenomenon that has drastically changed the world in forms of communication. Sure, social networking sites and text messaging are a much more convenient and accessible way to communicate with one another, but is it detrimental to our society? Are we hurting our communication and social skills by using these impersonal methods of communication?

It was not that long ago when the only means of communication was via the telephone and there was no such thing as a Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter. The increasing popularity of these social networking sites has taken over how we converse with one another, which can be problematic. People can be addicted to these things, which can have derogatory effects on their academics, their health and their social life. I am not a doctor by any means, this is just something I have observed over the past couple of months.

I’ll begin with self-presentation; students have created idealized versions of themselves through these sites which are not realistic and can be contradictory to real life. People always want to present themselves in the best possible manner, it is very humanistic and natural to do so, but social networking sites takes this to a whole new level. It serves as a false and misleading representation of people. Why do we feel like we have to expose our lives on Facebook? Is there not any privacy left in this world?

This informal way of communication that people are accustomed to does not help them when they need to speak professionally. The excessive use of text messaging and e-mails have consequently created a very impersonal society today. How is it going to help us when we need to go on that interview or present that new marketing campaign for Nike to a whole group of people?

Students are constantly texting in classrooms, which is causing them to not pay attention or do their schoolwork ,which can affect grades. And what do the teachers care? They are still getting paid, no matter what. Instead of going home and opening up their books, many students will immediately log into Facebook to check up on their friends’ irrelevant and ignorant statuses stating phrases like “out,” “homework, reading, then bed,” or lyrics to a song. Do we really need to know that? Can we not survive a day without reading a friend’s update on meeting the cute new pizza guy? It isolates people and they lack the drive to talk face to face, which affects social skills. Were we better off twenty years ago when things were much simpler and people were not wrapped into this world of texting and tweeting?

Relationships have also transformed. Whatever happened to the simple acts of chivalry and courtliness like waiting for the boy to call you back? Now, it’s more like, “Hey babe, let’s get it on tonight!” Everything is communicated electronically. Everything is so different now. Clearly, our good manners have diminished greatly or maybe people are just oblivious; too wrapped up in all this stuff that they become unaware of these problems. People are so accustomed to this new electronic way of living, especially our generation, that they don’t see it as a problem anymore because it is now been accepted in society without question. It is our own fault for allowing this to happen and it is up to us to change it if we want to. If we eliminated all these needless distractions, imagine what we could accomplish as a society. I am not saying we are creating a hindrance with all this because, after all, it is only Facebook that we’re talking about. I admit too that I myself utilize these sites and text constantly, however, I feel as though we can all lessen the use of these technological gadgets. It would surely benefit us in the long run even if it doesn’t seem so now.

So, has social networking technology made us better or worse off? I guess whether you view it as good or bad depends upon what kind of society you value.

So ask yourself a question: How badly do you really need to check your Facebook, MySpace and Twitter accounts? Let’s all try to ameliorate ourselves. Try to make an attempt to not use for a day or even a week. Visit a friend, stop social networking and socialize. It’s all about management and a little self-control. If we just make an effort to limit our use on these sites and text messages, it will do us all some good. You might even find out that Suffolk University has a lot to offer. So why not join a club?

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    joeMar 13, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    do you even know what the big words you used mean?? because im guessing you don’t

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Txt spk: makes you incredibly dumb