Trump is spiraling and America is being taken down with him

America is not great. The United States has lost its morality, sensibility and kindness. We are no longer the leaders of the free world and our actions speak volumes. The rest of the world has their eyes on us and their judgmental whispers send the message.

We are losing our core values. At this point, it is a cliche for baby boomers to speak about the “American Dream,” and so many others from different parts of the world trek to this country in search of such a dream. However, since Donald Trump’s presidential win, he has done everything in his power to squander that dream for most.

The coined “Muslim ban” was Trump’s first course of action that halted the dreams and outcries from many across the globe, especially Syrian refugees. After being blocked by a federal judge, his ban would be standstill, with Trump congratulating himself on an effort that failed; an effort to take away the hopes of many.

We may be a country with more rights and in better standing than most, but we are far from great and Trump has lowered our standards. Besides and immigration ban, he has done little to support the American people. In fact, his reintroduction of a health care bill allows more U.S. citizens to suffer and ultimately, die.

Why do we have a president that does not care for anyone besides himself and the wealthy? His two major decisions have left other humans with little and the U.S. is laughed at by everyone watching on the sidelines, most in horror. Trump does not make it possible to live a healthy, happy life. He is not a supporter of the American Dream.

The U.S. was once a large super power with many wanting to follow in our footsteps. But now, we have lost our footing and the fall is a treacherous one. From the immigration ban, to the recent resignation from the Paris Climate Agreement, and even to the collusion with Russia, Trump is not oriented to serve the people of the U.S. accurately.

The American people will not only suffer with Trump’s latest proclamation to remove ourselves from the Paris climate agreement. This decision will affect every being on this planet.
How can a country show so much hatred for its counterparts? For other beings?

This country is not great. We are not great when a our President is childish and incompetent with no political background. We are not great when the majority of the country is not being represented adequately.

America is losing its core values with every decision made by Trump. A very small minority is shown through the executive orders and his proclamations. That minority benefits while most suffer the consequences of his actions. Lives, hopes and dreams are slaughtered with the scrawl of his signature.

There needs to be action taken against Trump and his scandalous presidency because it is unclear of how much more of his decisions we can take. As a citizen of this country, I am afraid. I do not have enough power to throw his presidency out the window nor am I able to impeach him.

Collectively as a country, we must stand our ground and demand justice for the wrongdoings of our leader and his cabinet. They must be held accountable and the needs of the citizens of the U.S. should be shown in the decisions made by leadership. This hierarchy is a slippery slope that will fall.

Will we survive this? History will tell.