Boston blasts Yankees for series sweep

The Yankees had no idea what to expect from the Red Sox this series as they entered Fenway Park last Thursday night. David Ortiz hit a solo home run in the eighth inning, adding to his 538 career home runs.

By Twitter user @RedSox
By Twitter user @RedSox

The Sox were trailing behind in the ninth inning when, with two outs, Hanley Ramirez steps up to the plate. Ramirez hit a walk-off home run that put the Red Sox ahead on the scoreboard. The game finished with a 7-5 win for Boston and a gatorade bath for Ramirez.

The Red Sox continued their winning streak Friday night with a 7-4 victory over the New York Yankees. Big hitter, Hanley Ramirez, sent a ball out of the park for the second night in a row.

Saturday, the Red Sox and Yankee rivalry was back in action. Xander Bogaerts forced three runs for the Red Sox with his home-run. For the third straight game in the series, the Red Sox beat the yankees, 6-5.

By Twitter user @RedSox
By Twitter user @RedSox

Sunday night, at 8:00 p.m., the four game series went into its final game. Hanley Ramirez, once again, sent the baseball out of the park. Sunday brought not one, but two homers for Ramirez. This drove in four runs and helped Boston come out on top, once again, over the the Yankees. The 5-4 win Sunday completed the sweeping series for Boston.

CBS Sports catches Ramirez who said, “I think we all are, our whole team.” Between the offense, and defense, played throughout the series, the Yankees were not able to defeat the Red Sox.

Prior to taking on Boston, the Yankees added three players to their roster,  Billy

Butler, Mason Williams and Donovan Solano. Although the Yankees, at times, had a leading score over the Sox, it was never enough to come out on top. ESPN’s Scott Lauber quotes Ramirez, “we go out there to know what we’ve got to do to get that ‘W.’” That is exactly what the Red Sox accomplished in this series. Each player on Boston pushes themselves every game to ensure a positive outcome at the end of  the game.

The Red Sox seem to be taking control of the AL East, and all contenders are allowing them too. This entire season they continually have pushed teams out of first, and battled back from losing situations. The Boston team continues to work together and rise above all other teams. Whether or not key players, like Ortiz, are in the starting line up, the Red Sox still play the game to their best ability. Regardless of the curve balls thrown their way, they continue to obtain many triumphs.
When the Red Sox were down, they always battled back to ensure a win for the team. This is a team where everything seems to come together at the right time just in time to start heading into the 2016 playoffs.