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Audition Tips

Hello lovely readers! So as many of you know auditions are coming up for all of the various PAO groups (and you totally should sign up). Since auditions can be kind of scary we figured we’d come up with some tips and tricks to help you ace your audition! First, a few words from our good friend Bryan Cranston:

Bryan Cranston’s Advice to Aspiring Actors 

this leads us to our first point:

1.) Attitude

You want to come into an audition with a good attitude. This is your chance to do what you like, whether it’s singing, dancing, telling jokes, whatever. If you look at it as another chance to do what you like rather than as a job interview it will really change how it feels for you. Yes, you’ll still be nervous, but you should also feel excited to get a chance to show off all you can do. Remember, these people are on your side, they want to make you a part of their group and give you more time to have fun doing what you love!

2.) Be Prepared

Now you also want to be prepared. Remember, you want this. That means getting a good night’s sleep beforehand, eating properly, and preparing your piece. Deciding to do something the night before is a sure way to make sure it will fail (speaking from personal experience). You want to be proud of what you are showing off, and you can only do that by making sure you have something that is prepared and good.

3.) Know how to audition.

You also want to know how to audition. You should practice going in and introducing yourself to whoever you’re auditioning for. It’s professional, looks good, and will really show that you’ve put a lot of thought into this.


4.) Be ready to play and listen

Be open to suggestions that you’re auditioners will give you. I’ve been told to act like a sheep before and I went with it. These people who are auditioning you want to see everything you can do. They are giving you these directions to see how open you are to change, and how well you listen. The more you can do this, the better you’ll look to them.


5.) Be prepared for the results.

You never know what the results will be. Maybe you’re exactly the person they are looking for (hopefully!) and maybe they just don’t think you’re ready. If you do get cast, congratulations, you now have a chance to do what you love. If you don’t get cast, don’t let this stop you. Look for more chances to do what you love, and if you can’t find those chances make your own. You shouldn’t let not getting cast in something stop you from doing what you love. Stay inspired and keep doing your art, whatever it is.


Well, those are some of the tips we have. Break legs to everyone who is auditioning, and remember to sign up right outside of the PAO!

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Audition Tips