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Interview: techstravaganza

Hello lovely readers! As many of you know, this friday is Techstravaganza, the techies union’s annual show where they get to show off everything they can do. We interviewed two members of Techies Union, Christina Twombly and Amy DalCanton, to find out what it is about techies union they love so much.

What are your grades and major?

Amy: “Senior, and Communications and I.R (International Relations).”

Christina: “Senior “technically” and majoring in electrical engineering and theatre, because I’m ridiculous.”

How long have you been in Techies Union?

Amy:  “Both of us have been a part of Techies Union since Freshman year, so we’ve known each other quite some time.”

Christina: “In other words, it’s our fourth year in the group.”

What got you interested in tech theatre?

Amy: “I found out about the techies in orientation, and at first it was intimidating. I had been involved with theatre before but not the tech side. It was the most significant experience of my freshman year, and continues to be till this day.”

Christina: “I did tech stuff in high school. I had a friend who did Techies Union when I was in high school…I became an eboard member by the second year.”

Describe Techstravaganza in one word?

Amy: “Creatively technical, but also awesome…I would say magnificent.”

Christina: “I would say exciting on many level.”

What would you say to people who want to join Techies Union?

Amy: “Join! There’s so much variety to techies…this is one group where you can really find your niche…there’s a variety of options open to you. It’s a great group of people as well.”

Christina: “Try it out, no experience required.”

Do you think you’ll continue in tech theatre after college?

Christina: “Absolutely. It’s what I plan on doing at the moment. The shows we do will never happen again. That’s cool to be a part of and you get to meet so many cool people working towards a common goal, which is the show.”

Amy: “Ditto.”

Any closing remarks?

Amy: “The show is going to be fun and we have a lot of events coming up, and keep an eye on techies union because there’s a lot more coming.”

Be sure to come check out the awesome work that Techies Union does TONIGHT at 7:00 PM in the C. Walsh theatre! There will also be a free reception with food after! We hope to see you there.
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Interview: techstravaganza