Sports Staff: Super Bowl XLIX Predictions


Super Bowl Sunday is here. It is a national holiday for sports fans, even more so for Boston this year as they await to see if the New England Patriots can dethrone the defending champs, the Seattle Seahawks. The Suffolk Journal’s sports writers voiced their predictions for game day and here is what they had to say:


“The Legion of Boom is still intact but missing a key part the Patriots now have, cornerback Brandon Browner. Browner alongside the best corner in the league (I said best corner in the league, Richard Sherman) Darrelle Revis, creating a large mismatch for the Seahawks passing attack that has remained with its key parts since the Pats 2012 one-point loss at Seattle. With the secondary sealed up by the Patriots, the Seahawks 27th ranked passing attack will have minimal success. The Patriots, however, have a huge worry up front, although they are 9th in defense against the run the Pats will be trying to contain the best rushing attack in the NFL, Beast Mode, Marshawn Lynch. With top rankings in Seattle’s defense, don’t expect the Patriots to pile on the points but rather Bill Belichick’s defense to carry the Patriots.”

-Ian Kea. Score: 27-21, Patriots.

“I believe the Patriots will win the Super Bowl 24-20, because Belichick is one of the most prepared and greatest game planners in the NFL. The key to the game will be if Belichick and this Patriots defense can stop Beast Mode, Lynch. Stopping the Seahawks run game will be top of the priority list, so I expect them to hold Lynch to one touchdown and under 100 yards. Overall, the Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski led offense is too good to contain all game. As long as the Patriots take the lead first, Russell Wilson will be put into throwing situations coming off a bad performance in Green Bay. The Patriots have better receivers so Brady will be able to outplay Wilson. Brady will take the air out of the loud Seahawk fans, and win his fourth Super Bowl making him the greatest NFL quarterback ever.”

-Ryan Chevalier. 24-20, Patriots.

“Fans can only hope a historic matchup will result in a tremendous game. I’ll take the Patriots 26-20. This game could easily be decided in overtime, and I think the Patriots can win in walk-off fashion. It is all about the game plan, and the odds favor Belichick and his tricky offense. The Patriots make a play action look like a gadget play because they are so good at fooling defenses with the simplest plays. I anticipate the Seahawks will keep it close, but they will make more mistakes than the Patriots. Not to sound like former sports commentator John Madden, but whoever turns the ball over the most is more likely to lose the game. Also, expect a surprise Patriots pass-rush to cause havoc in the Seahawks’ backfield, thus being my x-factor of the game. This is a legacy game for Belichick and Brady, this is potentially their last shot to kickstart a new dynasty.”

-Jeremy Hayes. 26-20 (OT), Patriots.

“For the first time in years, the undisputed best two teams in the NFL are meeting in the Super Bowl. It’s an odd way to look at the game, but it’s tough to argue. The Patriot’s most imposing weapon against the Seahawks is Gronkowski. The tight end put together an incredible—and healthy—season, and is always a huge factor on offense.  Kam Chancellor has been dubbed the man to cover ‘Gronk,’ despite the rumors surrounding the strong safety, which claim his health is in question. On the other side of the ball, the polarizing Lynch is destined to give the Patriots headaches. At some point, he’ll rip off a 20-30 yard run; the goal is to limit the back to just one or two of those. With those two matchups being so key, and the Legion of Boom dinged up, the Patriots get the edge here. Expect the Patriots to squeak by the Seahawks.”

-Sammy Hurwitz. 22-20, Patriots.