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Jordan Peele’s latest horror flick uses creative allusions to spellbind viewers

Jordan Peele, director of acclaimed horror films “Us” and “Get Out”

Sarah Lukowski

March 27, 2019

Director Jordan Peele’s new horror movie “Us” has proved that he is always one step ahead of the audience with its obscure references, creepy soundtrack, stunning visuals and a chilling plot twist that grossed a whopping $70 million its first weekend. The audacious thriller follows ...

Iran’s nuclear deal sparks fear in Israel

Prime Minister Netanyahu with Speaker John Boehner.
By Flickr user John Boehner

Alexa Gagosz

April 8, 2015

President Barack Obama has reassured Israel that the U.S. is Israel’s strongest supporter after some fear over the outline of Iran’s new nuclear agreement, according to The Guardian. In the agreement, Iran and six world powers, including the U.S., U.K., France, Russia, China, and Germany, have...

Has the United States abandoned its most strategic ally?

Has the United States abandoned its most strategic ally?

November 7, 2012

Julianne Holland  Journal Staff When we hear Obama speak, some of us are intrigued – even for those of us who are against his views still recognize his skillful ability to deliver a great speech. I am not writing this opinion piece to provide meaning to all of his empty promises and speeches, bu...

Iran poses a threat to the United States and the world

Iran poses a threat to the United States and the world

November 7, 2012

Chris Musk  Journal Staff Iran has threatened to stop exporting its oil if sanctions on their nuclear program by Western nations get any more severe. Iran has also stated in the past it will attempt to close the Strait of Hormuz, where one-fifth of the world’s oil travels through, if sanctions get...

‘We Rise or Fall Together’

'We Rise or Fall Together'

November 7, 2012

Jessica Karmazyn  Journal Staff With the next four years in mind, many Suffolk students hurried to a designated poll place to choose their preferred candidate. On Nov. 6, 2012, the nation made a choice and elected Barack Obama to his second term as president, winning 303-206 in electoral votes. “I f...

S.O.C.S. Wrap up and exceeds goal

S.O.C.S. Wrap up and exceeds goal

Louis Dapilma

November 18, 2010

Louis Dapilma Journal Staff The entrepreneurial project with a community service twist wrapped up last Tuesday with a party on the fourth floor of Donahue. The Suffolk University Organization for the Collection of Socks (S.O.C.S.) for vets celebrated a successful initiative that raised $225 only...

Tom Tom Club tours the nation in support of live album

October 7, 2010

Ethan Long Journal Staff At this point in musical history, funk has faded out of the pop charts. However, on Sunday, October 3, the Tom Tom Club proved to their audience that their genre-bending funk-fueled music can still make an entire room want to jiggle their bodies. The band, currently tourin...

Olympics: Scrappy US bunch shocks Canada

Dan Ryan

February 24, 2010

Article by: Dan Ryan No, it wasn’t the “Miracle on Ice Redux,” but it certainly was spectacular. This past Sunday’s preliminary round men’s Olympic hockey game between the United States and Canada was one of the most highly-anticipated hockey games in recent history, a sports border...

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