Has the United States abandoned its most strategic ally?

Julianne Holland  Journal Staff

When we hear Obama speak, some of us are intrigued – even for those of us who are against his views still recognize his skillful ability to deliver a great speech. I am not writing this opinion piece to provide meaning to all of his empty promises and speeches, but rather to direct your attention to the one topic Obama avoids: Israel.

For years, Israel has been one of our greatest allies in a sea of radical anti-American countries. Israel proudly raises the American flag to fly next to its own. This is a country that loves America, a country that respects what we stand for and will stop at nothing to show its loyalty to the United States.

While Israel risks its safety every day to have the American flag fly, our President refused to even meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during Israel’s time of need. Instead, he chose to campaign on numerous talk shows. It is important now more than ever to stand behind our loyal ally, Israel.

With every minute that passes, Iran is coming closer to creating a nuclear bomb – one that will surely be headed for Israel and soon after the United States. Our country is also a target of Iran; if we do not act now to protect our ally, we will have one less when our time comes to become the target.

When the administration was asked if the United States will set “red lines” for Iran or state consequences if Iran fails to stop its nuclear program, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said “We’re not setting deadlines.” Allies ensure the safety of our country; they are our assurance that we are not alone in this chaotic world.

It is unification that makes our country so strong and it is unification with our allies that makes our country unbeatable. Unification is not something we as the American people have seen in the last four years, never has the United States seen so many ways that we can be divided; all from the very mouth of our own president. If we remain divided then divided we will fall.

As Winston Churchill noted in the days preceding World War II, “War can be prevented when there is unity among peaceful nations in stopping belligerent ones before the latter get too much power.” Never should our allies hear the words “the President’s schedule will not permit that” when they approach us during their time of need. Never should our allies question our ability to protect them and never should our allies question why they should remain loyal to a country they have died to protect.

Yesterday’s election determined the fate of our nation; it is not only the future of our decaying economy but the future of our decaying defense against the world of terrorism that is at stake. Mitt Romney’s loss will deal a blow to a restored economy and a strong defense against our enemies. We need to restore our relationship with one of our most loyal allies, and renew a promise that Israel has kept to us, the one that we have forgotten to keep: the promise of loyalty and protection.