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Environmental Club supports Koch Free Zone Campaign, asks for transparency

Vice President of Suffolk Environmental Club Asara Tenney (left) said she does not have a problem with money from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation 
supporting speakers at the Beacon Hill Institute, but does have a problem with it influencing studies. Kalin Jordan is pictured on the right.
(Jonathan Acosta Abi Hassan/Journal Staff)

Heather Rutherford

November 19, 2014

The Suffolk Environmental Club has voted unanimously to support alumna Kalin Jordan’s campaign to keep the university a “Koch Free Zone,” an effort to keep money from the conservative Koch brothers out of the university. The SEC is a relatively new group on campus, holding weekly meetings to...

Smith should address lingering questions

Smith should address lingering questions

Thalia Yunen

September 9, 2014

President McCarthy was not someone I interacted with very much. I would see him in passing, always wearing a smile, and he seemed to be a warm person. Under his presidency, I became aware of many changes:  Fenton being sold, Somerset being built, a new marketing campaign done by advertising agency DeVito/Verdi,...

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