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Environmental Club denied space in Boston Common for Earth Day event

Courtesy of the Environmental Club

Heather Rutherford

April 8, 2015

Suffolk’s Environmental Club is searching for a new place to host their first annual Earth Day Fest after the city’s Parks and Recreation department rejected their permit to host the event in the  Boston Common. The Environmental Club, partnering with Boston University’s Environmental Coalition,...

Environmental Club supports Koch Free Zone Campaign, asks for transparency

Vice President of Suffolk Environmental Club Asara Tenney (left) said she does not have a problem with money from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation 
supporting speakers at the Beacon Hill Institute, but does have a problem with it influencing studies. Kalin Jordan is pictured on the right.
(Jonathan Acosta Abi Hassan/Journal Staff)

Heather Rutherford

November 19, 2014

The Suffolk Environmental Club has voted unanimously to support alumna Kalin Jordan’s campaign to keep the university a “Koch Free Zone,” an effort to keep money from the conservative Koch brothers out of the university. The SEC is a relatively new group on campus, holding weekly meetings to...

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