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Suffolk photojournalism students document the pandemic

A sports field left vacant during quarantine, but the Boston spirit still continued on.

Sarah Lukowski

June 3, 2020

Students in Ken Martin’s photojournalism classes have been on the front lines of history by photographing the coronavirus pandemic as part of their final projects.  Martin had students in both his Photojournalism and Creative Innovation: The Extended Photo Essay classes photograph the pandemic w...

MFA exhibit displays Ritts’s versatility

Sam Humphrey/Managing Editor

Sam Humphrey

November 4, 2015

Two rooms distinguished by contrasting atmospheres showcase the multifaceted work of American photographer Herb Ritts at his exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts. The well-curated collection is a fitting anthology of his long career. In one room, dark walls and dim lighting showcase the subtleties...

Exhibit provides a snapshot of summer program

Exhibit provides a snapshot of summer program

April 1, 2015

By Jennifer Usovicz On display on the fourth floor of the Ridgeway building are the photographs shot by Suffolk students across the Atlantic in Spain, work that is a product of Professor Ken Martin’s course, “Lens on Spain: Photojournalism in Madrid.” The class is run exclusively in the summer...

CJN department cancels annual Rammy Awards

Dan McCarthy and Dan Lampariello show off their winnings at the 2014 awards.
By Ken Martin

Haley Peabody

February 25, 2015

The Department of Communication and Journalism has announced that the 2015 Rammy Awards, set to take place in April, will be canceled. Due to a shortened timeline and lack of submissions, the department, which decided to cancel the event last week, felt it would be best to take a year off. “Not...

Photojournalist Ken Martin shares experiences in Japan

Photojournalist Ken Martin shares experiences in Japan

Heather Rutherford

October 8, 2014

The lights dim in the Sawyer Library’s Poetry Center, the shades are drawn, and a serene photo of a Japanese bride is illuminated onto the projection screen. Photojournalist and professor at Suffolk University, Ken Martin, traveled to Japan this summer to attend the wedding of his friend Tsuyoshi Toya, and his wife, Kazumi Suzuki. The wedding was in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan....

‘Wish You Were Here’ takes lens underground

Photo by Lara Callahan

Angela Bray

February 9, 2011

For those who haven’t experienced Boston’s underground art and music community, now is the time. "Wish You Were Here," the Together photography show, has brought the party to Pavement Coffeehouse. That’s right, a party in a coffeehouse. Together, Boston’s electronic music festival, is returni...

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