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PAO production will turn Modern Theatre into post-apocalyptic world

PAO production will turn Modern Theatre into post-apocalyptic world
February 19, 2020

We are bonded by the songs we listen to, TV shows we watch and books we read. But how much of the pop culture we love remains after a nuclear apocalypse takes it all away? The Performing Arts Office’s...

“3Sisters” pushes vitality; explores complexities of life and loss

Haley Clegg / Photo Editor
November 28, 2017

Vitality. Energy. Compassion. Talent. Commitment. These are the words Doctor Marilyn Plotkins used to address the cast and crew of Suffolk University’s most recent production, “3Sisters,” when...

Who then am I?

Felicity Otterbein / Arts Editor
Suffolk University Theatre Department’s “Orlando” shatters conventional concepts of gender identity.
April 11, 2017

For more photos from "Orlando," visit Uncovered with Flash.   Organized chaos. Perhaps one of the more ironically used oxymorons in the english language, is widely used to describe cluttered bedrooms...

First they were salty, now they’re sweet

Courtesy of PAO
The 43rd annual Fall Fest poked fun at the drama surrounding the University’s upper administration
October 19, 2016
Fall Fest is known for being one of the most entertaining and creative performances put on by Suffolk’s Performing Arts Office (PAO). Among the drama that occurred at Suffolk in the last few years was the relocating of the departments that were in the Donahue and Archer buildings that were sold in 2015.

Three’s a company, Miss Julie sets bar high

September 21, 2016

On Sept. 15, the audience remained captivated during the opening night of “Miss Julie.” The enigmatic scene of the play, presented by Wellfleet’s Harbor Stage Company, set the tone for the rest of...

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