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Firearm search forces evacuation of students from residence hall

Brigitte Carreiro/Journal Staff
April 6, 2015

Suffolk University police and Boston police searched a dorm room in Miller Hall Monday evening after resident assistants heard a student make a comment about obtaining a firearm, according to police...

Cafe Quattro reopening to excitement of alumni

Cafe Quattro's old location next to Miller Hall
File photo
April 1, 2015

By Amy McAleer One of Suffolk student’s most treasured eateries is making its comeback, but not on Beacon Hill. Cafe Quattro, the Italian-style café that once graced Beacon Hill on Somerset Street...

Student asked by resident director to remove Facebook photo of insect in Miller dining hall

Above is the photo Maya Smith uploaded to Facebook, and was subsequently asked to remove.
February 25, 2015

After uploading a picture of a bug near food in the Miller Hall cafeteria to Facebook, a Suffolk freshman was asked by the university to remove the photo from the Internet. The picture was uploaded...

Editor’s word: Student’s rights compromised

February 25, 2015

This week, our lead story focuses on a student who posted a photo on Facebook, and was subsequently asked by the university to remove it. The photo displayed a bug in the Miller Residence Hall’s dining...

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