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Venezuela suffers basic goods shortage, crashing oil prices

Jonathan Acosta Abi Hassan/Journal Staff
February 4, 2015

Long lines outside of supermarkets waiting for basic items such as butter, diapers, and bottled water have been observed in the streets of Venezuela recently, as reported by multiple Suffolk students who...

International Opinion: The Venezuelan hunger games

Jonathan Acosta Abi Hassan/Journal Staff
February 4, 2015

After living abroad for more than four years, every time I get to go back home means a lot to me. Overtime, I realize how great my decision was of leaving Venezuela when I was 15. The first time I ...

Russia’s economy takes a blow

December 17, 2014

Back in April, Forbes Magazine reported that the U.S. Treasury Department announced further sanctions on seven Russian officials and 17 Russian companies. One of those companies was Rosneft, Russia’s...

In wake of meltdown, Obama transforms nation

September 22, 2010

Derek Anderson Journal Staff A lot of people have been wondering what President Obama and his administration have been doing for the almost two years he’s been in office. I hear people, both on the...

China’s economy needs help too

March 3, 2010

  "...China is losing a lot of money and its economy is slowly down-turning." Yasheng Huang, a professor of political economy and international management from the MIT Sloan School of Management came...

Washington gives away our jobs to China

February 17, 2010

Article by: Jeff Fish Green jobs are going to China, says a report by ABC News that shed light on just how carelessly stimulus funds and taxpayer money is being spent. According to the report,...

A note from our Campus Sustainability Coordinator

February 3, 2010

Article by: Erica Mattison Suffolk has several exciting environmental initiatives taking place this semester.  In tough economic times, it becomes all the more apparent that we must be conscious of...

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