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Felicity Otterbein / Arts & Culture Editor

Felicity Otterbein and Juliana Sanchez

January 31, 2018

Mosaics, like jigsaw puzzles, bring to light the beauty that stems from the bits and pieces that come together to create a larger picture. At first, what can appear to be a jumbled mess of scattered color and chaos soon becomes an array of wonder and awe. As a means of celebrating this kind of chaos...

#GlamSlam at Boston Fashion Week

Katie Hehl / Journal Contributor

Haley Clegg

October 10, 2017

Local fashion designers and artists came together Thursday night to share personal stories from their careers as a part of this year’s Boston Fashion Week. #GlamSlam featured 10 different speakers from all areas of the fashion world, from makeup artists to footwear designers to models and an author...

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