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ArtWeek brings global activism to creative, local level

Haley Clegg/ Journal Staff

Haley Clegg

October 13, 2016

The event was called Global Activism, but this program came with a twist. Last week ArtWeek Boston set out to change the way people view climate change, but did so through art. Activists and artists alike were drawn to this ArtWeek program. Susan Israel, the principal and founder of Climate Creat...

ArtWeek: concrete base for new sound

Morgan Hume

October 6, 2016

Imagine attending a concert with no singing, no traditional instruments and no flashy backup dancers. Picture being in an almost empty concrete room, with three artists using only their laptops and the power of technology to create a new kind of music. Concrete Sounds: Multichannel Experimental Elect...

Royal subjects: Local fashion brand joins ArtWeek to give back

Kendra Huber/ Journal Contributor

Kendra Huber

October 6, 2016

Everyone has their own kingdom. Some people find it in music or literature, others in science or technology. At Inner Sanctum we are reminded of the power that all art potentially holds. Located in Roxbury, Mass. the Inner Sanctum is an unconventional venue that facilitates creativity and hosts a number o...

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