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Suffolk Climate Watch graphic

Stay sustainable during the holiday season

Olivia Acevedo, World News Editor December 8, 2021

As the month of December begins, the holiday season brings forth an increase in the world’s carbon footprint. With excess energy, greenhouse gasses, shipping and wrapping paper being used in surplus...

Suffolks mini language sessions take place in honor of International Student Week.

International Student Week brings culture through mini language sessions for the Suffolk community

Thomas Pholnikorn, Staff Writer November 17, 2021

Suffolk University’s INTO program and the Center of International Programs and Services is organizing mini language workshops for the community during International Education Week, which is taking place...

Suffolk CUES Lecture discusses a new job field known as sustainability/ESG reporting.

CUES Lecture Series talks about new job landscape known as sustainability/ESG reporting

Olivia Acevedo, World News Editor November 17, 2021

Suffolk University's Environmental Club hosted a CUES Lecture with Dr. Anne Schander, an associate professor in the accounting and business law department, Tuesday night The event revolved around career...

Vanessa Stuart celebrates a Rams goal during their comeback win at UMass Boston earlier this season.

Suffolk international athlete finds community in Boston

Shealagh Sullivan, Asst. News Editor November 17, 2021

Suffolk University sophomore Vanessa Stuart is navigating her way through college as an international student athlete, juggling athletics, friends and academics, all while attending college in a new country. Stuart...

Suffolk Climate Watch graphic

Co26 climate summit comes to an agreement after two weeks of discussion

Olivia Acevedo, World News Editor November 17, 2021

The United Nations Climate Conference summit in Glasgow came to an agreement after world leaders negotiated for two weeks, going over their Nov. 12 deadline.  The conference president made a push for...

Suffolks Halloween Karaoke Costume Party takes off on Oct. 21.

Suffolk’s Asian American Association creates community with in-person events

Olivia Acevedo, World News Editor November 10, 2021

Suffolk University’s Asian American Association has returned to in-person events and meetings after a year of online classes. The club looks to host various campus events while cultivating a community...

Suffolk Climate Watch graphic

The UN Climate Change Conference (CO26) takes off in Glasglow

Ainsley Miles, Journal Contributor November 10, 2021

The UN Climate Change Conference has been eventful since its start on Oct. 21 in Glasgow. While each country has pledged specific goals for themselves, they are all working together to mitigate climate...

Suffolk University club, Pasion Latina returns to campus with a successful fall semester.

Pasión Latina returns to campus stronger than ever, despite COVID-19

Olivia Acevedo, World News Editor November 3, 2021

While the COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a challenging time for Pasión Latina, the Suffolk University club came back more successful than ever. Higher numbers of members and students interested in...

Suffolk Climate Watch graphic

Fall foliage is losing its color because of climate change

Olivia Acevedo, World News Editor November 2, 2021

While fall foliage is still coating parts of the country’ forests and highways,  the colors of these leaves are being affected by climate change. Summer temperatures extend into the fall, causing many...

White Borders, book discussion highlights U.S. policies and immigration laws.

“White Borders” event discusses U.S. immigration laws and policies

Hailey Campbell, Staff Writer November 2, 2021

Author Reece Jones discussed how the U.S. must grapple with its current immigration laws and how these policies have evolved over time at The Boston Public Library on Oct. 30. Jones wrote the book “White...

Suffolk Universitys Ford Hall Forum featured a screening of Doves Cry.

‘Dove’s Cry’ film screening event inspires cultural acceptance

Olivia Acevedo, World News Editor October 27, 2021

Director Ganit Ilouz joined the Suffolk University community on Oct. 26 to watch and tell the story of her project, “Dove’s Cry,” a documentary film about breaking international barriers. Suffolk’s...

Suffolk Climate Watch graphic

Climate change may be threatening national security

Olivia Acevedo, World News Editor October 27, 2021

The first ever National Intelligence Estimate was released on Oct. 21, which studied how climate change can threaten national security. In upcoming decades, the climate crisis is on track to create extreme...

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