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“It’s a very precarious situation”: Azerbaijan instigates attacks on Armenia

Leo Woods
Protesters demand justice for Armenians in the Boston Common.

The military forces of Azerbaijan launched attacks against Armenian soldiers as they attempted to advance into Armenia on Sept. 13. 

As of Sept. 19, Armenian authorities have reported 207 Armenian soldiers have died as a result of Azerbaijan’s actions. Another 293 soldiers have been wounded, with three civilians dead and another seven injured. 20 people have been taken as prisoners of war and 7,600 people have been displaced.

“It’s a very precarious situation for Armenians because no one knows whether these sort of attacks might continue and grow in size,” said Aram Arkun, managing editor of the Armenian Mirror Spectator in Watertown. “I wake up every morning to look at the news and see what has happened. I cross my fingers to see that a full scale war has not started.”

The latest military strikes by Azerbaijan, both this month and in 2020, have been longer and in greater scales than any previous conflicts. Armenian cities Sotk and Goris have been recipients of attacks from Azeri forces and a ceasefire agreement, that was reached on Sept. 14, has since been violated multiple times by Azerbaijan.

U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi made a recent visit to Armenia, condemning the “illegal and deadly attacks on Armenian territory,” and has pledged a commitment to a “secure and peaceful Caucasus.”

“Those statements are helpful in the sense that they clearly condemn the violence against Armenians and call for a peaceful solution,” said Arkun. “But statements that aren’t backed by concrete steps don’t lead to much.”

While this may seem like just an issue between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the U.S. has a bigger role in this. The U.S. currently provides over $100 million in annual military support to Azerbaijan, and is also allies with Turkey.

Arkun said that non-Armenians can get involved by contacting their representatives and calling for more vigorous U.S. support to Armenia. 

“They can write to their local newspapers to raise awareness,” Arkun said. “They can also donate money to various charitable organizations that can help the victims.”

If interested in making a donation, charities such as the Armenia Fund, Children of Armenia Fund, Hayastan All Armenian Fund and AAM Nation Care provide charitable services to the people of Armenia.

This is not the first time Azerbaijan has struck against Armenia and its forces. In September 2020, Azeri forces began attacking the predominantly Armenian region of Artsakh, an independent region that Azerbaijan has been staking claims on and is part of historical Armenia.

Armenia recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Second Republic of Armenia, when Armenia declared their independence from the Soviet Union on Sept. 21, 1992. The First Republic of Armenia lasted just two years, from 1918 when they broke free of the Ottoman Empire until the Soviet Union annexed Armenia in 1920.

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Michael Najarian, Sports Editor | he/him
Michael is a sophomore print/web journalism major from Framingham, Massachusetts. He’s also a member of the Cross Country and Track & Field teams. Outside of running and writing for the Journal, Michael is an avid Boston sports fan who will be seen watching sports quite frequently. After graduation, Michael is looking for a career in the sports industry. Follow Michael on Twitter @MichaelNaj3
Leo Woods, Photo Editor | he/him

Leo is a senior political science major with a minor in journalism from Clinton, Conn. He has photographed political events, protests, performing arts groups and documented Boston Pride for the People for the History Project. Outside of Suffolk, Leo is an avid Dungeons and Dragons player and podcast listener. After graduation, he plans on attending law school and working in politics.

Follow Leo on Twitter @leowoods108

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“It’s a very precarious situation”: Azerbaijan instigates attacks on Armenia