Meet the OLs: Shane Walsh ’13


Orientation Leader Shane Walsh has maintained a positive attitude and energy while welcoming incoming freshman to the Suffolk University community during a series of summer orientation sessions. Walsh is about to enter his junior year at Suffolk as a broadcast journalism major, and has notable experience and involvement with Suffolk community. Not only has he worked as an orientation leader, but can also add Studio 73 Newsroom for the Suffolk U News filming to his roster of extracurriculars.

Originally from Amherst, New Hampshire, Walsh is currently residing locally in Boston’s Seaport District. He also holds down a part-time job on Newbury Street at an apparel store called Barbour, located fairly close to the Suffolk campus. Walsh has yet to become involved in any internship work, although he does carry dreams for a future career.

“I hope to one day work behind the scenes or in front of the camera for an entertainment company like MTV. My dream job would be hosting TRL… but unfortunately they thought it was a good idea to cancel [the show].”

Walsh became interested in the orientation leader position after realizing the impact a first impression may leave on an incoming student in a new school environment. Making a lasting mark on new students to Suffolk University is a standing point of importance to Walsh.

“I wanted to make sure that all of the positives that I have experienced and continue to experience at Suffolk are made known to everyone,” he said.”

Just finishing training, Walsh is already enjoying his second year as an orientation leader. Following freshman year, he applied and was granted a spot. His favorite part of being an orientation leader is the excitement of being introduced during the opening ceremony.

“As lame as it may sound, running into the music at the C. Walsh Theatre during the opening ceremony each session is probably my favorite part.”

A note of advice that Walsh offers to students attending orientation is to connect with orientation leaders, seeing how they all represent different areas of interest in the Suffolk University community.

“Talk to your Orientation Leader! Almost all of us are involved with something else around campus that we can help to get you involved with,” he stresses.

One of Walsh’s most memorable experiences from his many groups of new students was when he convinced a group of students that the Public Garden pond was much more than it appeared to be.

“Convincing a group of students that the pond in the Public Garden was 40 feet deep that people frequently drowned in was amusing… I did end up telling them it wasn’t in the end.”