Heart2Hand aims to help those in need


William Woodring

Suffolk University’s Sawyer Building

Suffolk University’s newest club, Heart2hand, strives to aid people in poverty and make a difference across Boston.

As of the 2022 census, the homeless population in Boston was over 1,500 people, declining from 1,600 people the year before.

“It’s hard to ignore the fact that we are surrounded by people who experience a completely different world than us and it’s even harder to not do anything about it. As college kids, we have so many opportunities and resources at our disposal to try and give back even a little bit to the people in need around us,” said Heart2Hand President Gabrielle Abdelnour. 

Abdelnour, along with Vice President Naomi Ford Ortiz, Secretary Victoire Gouy and Treasurer Arthur Almeida, are prepared to take a stand by trying to involve members of the Suffolk community to give back to the city. 

“Heart2Hand is dedicated to offering a helping hand to our neighbors in need. We believe in taking action and having compassion. Students will directly give back to the community by advocating and creating initiatives that restore dignity and hope into people’s lives,” the club’s mission statement reads. 

Heart2Hand has plans to partner with other existing clubs here at Suffolk. 

“Some of the collaborations that we want to do are with the environmental club- where we repurpose clothes, wash them, and then donate them back to homeless shelters,” said Ford Ortiz.

Ford Ortiz said Heart2Hand is excited for future collaborations.

“We have a few more ideas mainly centered around partnering with the Black Student Union or African Student Association to run a can drive to be able to donate it to a food bank,” said Ford Ortiz.

Abdelnour and Ford Ortiz are determined to make a difference in their community and take care of their neighbors in need. Heart2hand plans to start holding meetings in the fall every Tuesday at 4 p.m. upon confirmation. 

More information can be found on the official club Instagram page, @suheart2hand.