The Ghoul Boys are in town! Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej premiere new show “Ghost Files” at the Wilbur Theater


Julie Huynh

The panel about the new show at the Wilbur Theater.

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? The Ghoul Boys! World-renowned ghost hunters Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej were in town Oct. 6 at the Wilbur Theater to premiere their new show, “Ghost Files.” 

With Boston being one of only six stops on their limited October tour, Boogaras (believers) and Shaniacs (skeptics) gathered to watch an early screening of the week’s episode and hear Bergara and Madej speak about their experiences afterward.

The episode focused on the duo’s investigation of St. Ignatius Hospital in Colfax, Wash. This episode was extra special as it also featured Youtuber Garrett Watts, who occasionally conducts his own ghost investigations on his channel

Bergara and Madej’s witty banter and silly antics had the room exploding with laughter every other minute. This episode was so much fun to experience live, and it was the strongest so far this season in terms of how much evidence they were able to gather. 

Most notably, they captured a voice calling them “nerds” and possibly the ghost of “Rose” dancing in her room. 

Hannah Bourque, a college student from Haverhill made the 45 minute drive down with her sister to see the pair. 

“I’ve been a fan since the beginning. We have been shaking for the past few hours,” she said. 

Bourque said the reason why she likes their channel so much is because of their dynamic as skeptic vs believer. 

Personally, she is a believer, “I’ve 100% seen some stuff, my best friend’s house is haunted.” 

UMass Boston student and skeptic Ariana Peguero, has also been a fan since the launch of “Buzzfeed Unsolved,” the predecessor of “Ghost Files.” She was very excited to see how the interactions between Shane and Ryan would translate off-screen. 

“[Ghost Files] is just a way better show, I feel like they’re able to do a lot more stuff now that they’re not held back by Buzzfeed,” she said. 

After the screening, Bergara and Madej were joined by their producer Katie LeBlanc, who led a discussion about their new show and their visit to St. Ignatius. Afterward, they turned the questions over to the audience members, who promptly lined up behind the microphone stand, eager for their turn. 

Bourque was first in line, asking them what their favorite aspect of “Ghost Files” was. Compared to “Buzzfeed Unsolved,” their show features new investigation tools and methods, solo investigations with walkie-talkies and an exhilarating new energy.  

Bergara took the moment to express his appreciation for the audience submitted evidence. 

“I have a blast looking through the submissions. We got some really good stuff, I’m so excited for season two to just sit there, put on my headphones, and watch the craziest [stuff],” he said.

The rest of the questions ranged from “If you could invent any ghost hunting equipment, what would it be?” to “If you became a ghost, where would you haunt?” to which Shane replied, “A mall, probably.” 

After watching Madej and Bergara on Youtube for years, it was so surreal being able to see them live and experience it with an audience that was equally as attentive and excited. Until next time, Ghoul Boys. 

“Ghost Files” releases new episodes every Friday on Watcher.

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