Career week supports student body future


Gianna Carchia
Journal Staff

Students will be given professional insights into the ability to succeed in the working world through Suffolk’s Career Week events. The 10-day agenda of 18 events began Monday and will run through Nov. 5.

“The essence of Career Week is to put a spotlight on careers and the resources of our office,” said Paul Tanklefsky, director of career services/coop education.

Kicking off on Monday, professional caricatures and free popcorn were offered in the Sawyer lobby, followed that evening by a speaker series for graduate students in which four guests from community-related professions discussed the importance of social responsibility.

On Tuesday, there were two early afternoon events. One was designed to address the difficulties securing a co-op or internship in today’s economy; the other included representatives from organizations like AmeriCorps who discussed the value of donating a service.

The next eight days will bring 14 more events to the university. Today will include a lunch with faculty members to discuss career options and an evening round table event structured around communication and networking.

Tomorrow will begin with information on careers in health. An evening etiquette lesson, complete with a three course meal, will teach attendees how to impress clients during a business outing.

Scheduled for Friday is a midday discussion with current graduate students about the interest in continuing education past an undergraduate degree.

Resume critiquing will be offered on Monday.

There are four events planned for Tuesday, including an address by Boston’s own Johnny Earle, also known as Johnny Cupcakes. Before his evening lecture about his unconventional road to success, there are to be events regarding careers in real estate, interior design, and even fine arts.

A career expo for grad students on Wednesday will give them an opportunity to meet with employers from a wide range of industries.

“Even with these challenging times, we know students can land jobs,” said Tanklefsky. “The key component is to get related experiences through internships and co-ops.”

On Thursday, Nov. 4, a morning discussion over coffee is planned with members of the Diversity and Career Services offices and will end with a “majors and minors expo” where students will have the opportunity to seek advice on choosing their track. “The expo is targeted to freshmen and sophomores to seek advice, tips and advising to help choose a complementing minor to their major,” said Tanklefsky.

Career Week’s final event on Friday Nov. 5 is a discussion on how to increase visibility for future employment as well as becoming involved with employer/employee databases.  According to Tanklefsky, this is an opportunity to allow students to identify employers by interest and industry. “We’re committed to making it happen for students,” he said.

Additional information regarding any of these events is available on the Suffolk University homepage on the Career Services Events page. There are also programs floating around campus.