Protect yourself and others from the coronavirus

With winter coming to an end as we get closer to spring, sickness is spreading around our schools, homes and communities. During the change in seasons, we expect common illnesses to be passed from person to person. However, to say the least, no one could have been prepared for what 2020 had to bring.

More likely than not, you have heard of the infamous COVID-19 coronavirus as it wreaked havoc in the eastern hemisphere and has begun to make its way westward.

In Europe, countries such as Spain and Italy have confirmed cases as well. This is troubling to Suffolk University as we have students studying abroad not only on our Madrid campus but all throughout Europe.

To combat this and protect its students, Suffolk University has cancelled all abroad trips during spring break and have told students studying in Italy to return back to the U.S.

Issues regarding international travel of American citizens have ultimately caused the coronavirus to infect others at an increasing rate.

The biggest problem regarding this borderline outbreak is that it aligns perfectly with the tail end of the flu season in America. Aside from blood testing, there is virtually no concrete way to decipher between whether or not you have this treatable sickness or the coronavirus.

This is the reason panic has begun to ensue. Stores and manufacturers nationwide are selling out of surgical masks and hand sanitizer. People are crying out for a vaccine, but a cure for a recently discovered strand of a virus will most likely take the better part of a year to produce.

The United Nations is hopeful that it can work with doctors worldwide to speed the process of creating a vaccine, but for now, it is up to us to take extra precaution and do what we can to stay healthy.

College campuses can tend to be relatively unsanitary. People are constantly walking in and out of buildings. If one person who lives on campus gets sick, it is likely that it will spread to his or her roommates, then others on the floor and eventually others in the building.

We at The Suffolk Journal encourage everyone to take the necessary precautions to remain in good health and help to keep your peers healthy. This includes simple tasks such as washing your hands and using hand sanitizer often. Keep your room clean, and see a doctor if you begin to feel sick. Overall, we simply urge to stay safe and healthy as we prepare for spring break.