Students impressed by new Modern Theatre dorms

Gianna Carchia
Journal Contributor

Rising ten stories above the Modern Theatre is Suffolk’s newest residence hall, featuring a beautifully restored façade and housing for 197 students. The environmentally friendly project adjoining 10 West provides an important addition to on-campus housing. The rooms on the upper floors have beautiful views of Boston and the students residing in the building love the pristine condition of their living space.
The $42 million development is providing more than aesthetic value and obvious novelty; the structure’s location has been crucial in renewing the area economically and community-wise.
“Having Suffolk students living in the Modern Theater residence halls contributes to the ongoing revitalization of Downtown Crossing. Our students are tied to a part of the downtown community and are bringing important activity to that area,” said Greg Gatlin, Director of Public Affairs.

Students living in the new residence hall have convenient access to Washington Street, the Theatre District and the Commons. A great advantage to Suffolk housing is an atmosphere is akin to living in the city while taking classes, which the Modern Theatre extension amplifies by placing students right in the downtown action. Besides being in a prime location, the structure is stunningly crafted inside and out.
“It’s new, nobody’s ever lived here before,” said Taylor Barlow, a freshman living in the new extension.
There is no covered up damage on the walls and no stains on the carpet – the building is completely fresh and welcoming. The gorgeous façade attracts people outside the hall who relish the charm it has recently added to the neighborhood, and the students enjoy a brand new living space accompanied by flat screen TVs in the common rooms and far-reaching views of the city out of the upper level windows.  It is an open and comfortable space; Freshman Keith McNeff called it “the nicest building” he had been in compared to the other residence halls . “It’s cool being away; it’s quiet,” he added.
While it provides easy access to a bustling downtown area, the modern extension has been crafted to provide students with a relaxing place to call home for the academic year. If students have yet to see the new building, it is recommended they find some time to make their way over. The restoration on the exterior is phenomenal, and it’s worth checking out this important and attractive addition to the university’s housing. And something to look forward to: the refurbished 184-seat theatre below will be opening later this fall.