First Amendment remains cornerstone of American democracy

For a school that seems to harp on the importance of inclusivity, diversity and free expression it’s contradictory to see such an uproar amongst students when presented with a set of ideals different from their own. Earlier this week informational flyers were posted around the campus regarding a controversial conservative speaker, Christina Hoff-Sommers, who is scheduled to speak on campus. Many of these posters have been ripped off of the walls and thrown in the trash. What needs to be considered here is that oppression under the guise of combating oppression, is still oppression.

Limiting first amendment rights is counterproductive to any political agenda, no matter the circumstances. By remaining ignorant to opposing viewpoints, it offers the idea that personal opinions, may in fact, not be strong enough to withstand opposition. We go to this university to try to test what we believe in, not to clamp our hands over our ears and refuse to acknowledge difference, isn’t that what started this partisan feud the first place?

To get the most out of your educational experience, you must immerse yourself in all forms of thought. Only then will you be informed enough to formulate educated beliefs and opinions. By blindly restricting free speech on campus, we will become part of the problem that has fueled identity politics and a country divided. Leave the posters, go to the discussion – or don’t, it doesn’t matter. That’s your right, but don’t infringe on others.