Trupiano seeks to bring campus together

Trupiano seeks to bring campus together


By Tara Murphy

“GRIT.” If Logan Trupiano is elected President of Student Government Association (SGA), this is what Suffolk University students can expect.

Running as a team and headed by Trupiano, GRIT will be fighting to mobilize students, to overcome adversity and to make SGA the most involved it has ever been by pushing for students to be more involved in the day-to-day operations of the university.

“We are the consumers here, so we should have the control,” said Trupiano in a recent interview with The Suffolk Journal. “Suffolk should bend our way as opposed to us bending for them.”

As treasurer and having held positions on both the finance and academics committee as well as the SGA Review Board (SGARB), Logan said he has seen “just about everything” one can see as a member of SGA.

As president, mobilization of the student body is just one vision for Trupiano. By implementing new groups in SGA such as what he calls the “president’s council” those students who are star pupils would have a chance to showcase their abilities in areas not confined to the classroom. Additionally, a diversity council that focuses on inclusion, involving members of the Suffolk community that may not already be involved in SGA would allow “outsiders” to the process of student government a greater voice on campus.

“I always do my best to incorporate everyone involved,” said Trupiano. “I really value the people that are around me and I’ve always tried to create a culture of positivity and excitement whenever I’m in any type of leadership role.”

Trupiano said having students involved in the disciplinary process is important and that tacking on fines to the money Suffolk students already pay is something he would alter. Additionally, some colleges and universities host student events that permit alcohol to be consumed while in attendance– one key platform for Trupiano.

With elections on the horizon, Trupiano said that this campaign is about speaking out for the students who aren’t usually spoken about.

Trupiano said he wants to “get more engagement by students and change the negative attitude that a lot of Suffolk students have on campus.”