Who’s who in the senior class: Roy DePasquale and Mike Kauffman

Article by: Angela Bray

It’s a challenge breaking into the business world without a business degree, but Roy DePasquale and Mike Kauffman sure did it. DePasquale, a Political Science major and Kauffman, a European History major, founded their own company about three weeks ago. Two Brothers Naturals, which has been in the works the past six months, develops and markets dietary supplements.

Despite their fields of study, the two Suffolk seniors are involved with the Sawyer Business School’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, an amenity helping students to launch their business initiatives. Professor George Moker, the Director of Entrepreneurship, has been of great assistance to them. “He has helped us out a lot and answers every single one of our questions,” said DePasquale.

“We believe diet supplements grow very quickly,” said DePasquale. “We create quality products that work for everyone.”

Their first product, Ember, is a 2 oz. shot made of high-quality ingredients to deteriorate hangovers. Ember flushes toxins out of the liver and promotes energy by working naturally with the body. With a $2.99 retail price, the dose is similar to the idea of a 5-hour energy shot, but without the caffeine.

“We are the customer,” said Kauffman. “We went out and created the product for ourselves.”

With plans to remain in Boston, DePasquale and Kauffman will be promoting and giving away samples of Two Brothers Naturals products throughout the summer.

Two Brothers Naturals is succeeding while working with contract workers, distributors, and investors. “We’re excited and surprised at how well it has worked so far,” said Kauffman.

“If you have a good idea and present it right, you’re all set,” said DePasquale. “To get something started, it takes a lot of work. Doing all of the work is what matters.”

DePasquale said for consumers to keep their eyes open for the future launch of their website and Facebook group. Additional products will include juices to be sold at Whole Foods and another product like Ember, which will help sleeping patterns. Everything will be available online as well as in convenience stores, bars, and night clubs.

“You learn a lot from running a business,” said Kauffman. “Don’t let the fact that college students often aren’t taken seriously stop you.”