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Students’ start-up app promotes handy solution

The new start-up app “InGarage,” set to launch in June, was created by Suffolk University students Alexander Bennett and Marcus Jimenez, as well as three others, aims to enable project managers and garage owners. Ranging from physical projects such as needing exercise equipment or tools, to creative projects, which can require photo or film equipment are just a few examples of the possibilities this start-up seeks to enable.

A garage owner, who has experience with tools, will list their garage space on the app. The project manager, typically younger and less experienced with a specific job in mind can then browse through the different spaces and decide which garage is most beneficial for their specific needs. Once the garage is chosen, the project manager and garage owner meet at the garage and work on the project. This plans to result in the project manager fulfilling the need of a space to work in, and the garage owner is paid for their space and service.

Bennett and Jimenez first had the idea for InGarage in November of 2015, when Bennett had to travel to Waltham, Mass. in order to obtain garage space. Bennett realized that the help he was getting could be available closer.

“The sharing economy is available to a lot of different people through the use of their phones, the idea that there would be people that have space, time and willingness to help, so we set about trying to prove that and develop the concept,” said Bennett in a recent interview with The Suffolk Journal.

The InGarage designers see the app as the best platform for connectivity with the customer and its fluidity of communication. In a video which explained the future of InGarage, Jimenez said this marketing driven company he hopes can one day become more utilitarian as the app grows.

InGarage is based in Watertown and Lawrence, Mass. two locations which have been scheduled as test markets for the app launch in June. These test markets, being vastly different from each other in residents, will give the company comparable information on their customers.

InGarage currently has 65 garages nationwide due to personal networking, as well as 6 more in their test markets of Watertown and Lawrence, Mass. and Bangor, Maine. These garages have provided the company with information, which have coupled with surveys launched on various social media accounts. With this information, InGarage has been able to tell what their customers respond to, and how the app will work for customers on an individual basis.

For their social media launch, InGarage is currently focused on spreading the word of their future app, with hopes of getting as many garages as possible, from personal one-on-one interaction to connecting with hardware stores in partnerships. InGarage is searching for about 40,000 dollars worth of investment to help them get the company off the ground.

InGarage hopes to create an environment where people of the older generation will have the resources to be able to make extra money for themselves, as well as help out younger generations.

“Millennials haven’t had as much opportunity to work on projects that involve workbenches and screwdrivers, and there’s a lot of reasons for that,” said Bennett. “We’re not making any sort of social commentary, but it is true that millennials have less of a mechanical ability and we think that is unfortunate. We are operating within what we believe to be great timing for our concept.”

On April 20, InGarage is doing a demonstration along with four other start-ups at the Venture Cafe at 5:30 p.m.. InGarage will attend a TEDx event at Suffolk University on Monday, April 24 at 5:00 p.m.  at 120 Tremont St.

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Students’ start-up app promotes handy solution