Student filmmakers compete in NESN showcase

Suffolk students David Apostolides, class of 2018 and JJ Moran, class of 2017, made the finals in NESN’s Next Producer contest.

The students’ film “Giving Up the Game” focused on the men’s baseball team’s pitching prospect Jake Damphousse and his career ending injuries. The inspiration behind the film developed because Apostolides and Damphousse were roommates and Apostolides believed his roommate had a good story to tell. Apostolides and Moran worked together in RamCam Productions, but “Giving Up the Game” was the students first serious non-classroom film.

The film airs on NESN on March 4 at 12:30 p.m. While Apostolides and Moran plan a viewing party for the airing, they encourage their friends and peers to vote for “Giving Up the Game” on NESN.