SGA President Brian LeFort

Article by: Angela Bray

For Brian LeFort, the past four years at Suffolk have been good ones. “Just being able to be involved has been great, and I have enjoyed every part of it,” he said.

LeFort, who will be graduating this spring, has a double-major studying History and Government. Following graduation, he will take a year off and then take the LSATs. “That’s like the SATs for Law School, in which I will hopefully enroll the year after,” he said.

Although there is a list of schools he will apply to, LeFort has not chosen a specific number one school; he will be waiting until he receives the test scores. “Recently, I’ve had a feeling I may be staying in Boston,” he said. “Suffolk [Law School] is definitely on the list, along with others in the immediate Boston area.”

During his year off, he will be doing a lot of studying and working. “I don’t know where yet, but hopefully I’ll be working in the field I wish to go into, which includes law offices and law firms in Framingham, where I’m from. I’ll also try to circulate my resume in the State House.”

Striving for a career in politics and being an elected official, LeFort hopes to run for public office in Framingham. “I would need to get the votes on the ballot, and then I’d be in.”

As current President of the Student Government Association (SGA), LeFort has countless opportunities to work with the student body committees and administration. He has been involved with the SGA the past four years, with two years as a Senator and two as President. “I am really satisfied with my two years [as President], and I hope next year [SGA] will be taken above and beyond,” he said.

LeFort will be succeeded by current Treasurer Mitch Vieira, 2011. “You need to be able to balance others’ opinions and your own, and really know how to stick to your gut when making both small and big decisions. Develop your own personal leadership style,” said LeFort, giving advice to Vieira. “Have fun and enjoy the position and all of the interaction with the role.”

When asked about his greatest accomplishments here at Suffolk, LeFort said, “One specific accomplishment doesn’t come to mind, but what stands out for me is student government and definitely bringing it to a higher point. My first year as President, we had about 30 members, and this past year, we’ve had over 40. The meetings are packed, even with non-members.”

LeFort is also a member of the College Democrats and has been active with the Performing Arts Office. He has been in several performances, including “Urinetown,” “Fall Fest,” and “Epic Proportions.”

“I’m looking forward to moving on from Suffolk, but certainly not forgetting it,” he said, promising he will come back to visit.

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