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Dance company ‘Fools’ Suffolk

Article by: Angela Bray

Although scheduled on April Fool’s Day, the Suffolk University Dance Company’s “Dancin’ Fools” show was no joke. Along with SUDC’s 16 acts, there were two additional guest performances: the Wicked! Hip Hop Dance Crew and the Seriously Bent Improv Comedy Troupe.

SUDC is a student-run organization made up of fifteen dancers. The company showcases talent at numerous events including Suffolk pep rallies, basketball games, theater events, and off-campus performances.

The dancers have two three-hour practices per week, as well as an additional three-hour competition practice every Sunday. “It was great to finally be able to showcase all of the choreography we have been working so hard on the past few months,” said Michele Guay, a sophomore and SUDC Treasurer.

“The preparation and rehearsal process is long and tedious, but it all pays off in the end when all of the dances look amazing on stage,” said freshman Michelle Leonardo.

The acts of “Dancin’ Fools” varied in terms of dancers and music. SUDC now has more student choreography than ever and the show’s choreography was presented from all different members of the company, including freshmen, seniors, and the instructors. “My favorite piece was ‘Foxy Lady,’ which was choreographed by our director, Angela [Bonnici],” said Guay.

Each piece was different, whether performed as a solo, duo, trio, or a larger group. Select pieces were performed by either SUDC’s competition team or the three graduating seniors (Samantha Millen, Mia Pantos, and Valerie van Gerven).

“The best part was being able to choreograph my own piece, ‘Deranged,’” said Leonardo. “I loved having the chance to express myself and create something that I could call mine.”

Seriously Bent, the second special act, has earned the title of funniest college improv troupe in the greater Boston area, which explains why the audience continuously laughed at the humorous on-the-spot entertainment. Seriously Bent also performs at a variety of both on and off-campus venues.

As the show continued, Wicked! kept the stage at a high-energy level during its number, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Although it was only formed last year, the group successfully blends krumping, breakdancing, tutting, and hip hop dance routines.

“The show went better than any of us could have imagined,” said Leonardo. “After one of the girls sprained her ankle the night before, we weren’t sure how the dances were going to look since we weren’t going to fill her spot. Thankfully everything still looked great.”

Samantha Millen, a senior, was very pleased with the outcome of the performance. “I would say that our show last week was our best show yet! Being able to practice twice a week, I think, made everyone feel very prepared. It’s so thrilling to be on stage knowing that friends and family are in the audiance watching,” Millen stated, adding, “Mia Pantos, Valerie van Gerven and myself are all graduating, so this was our last show. The three of us choreographed a surprise senior dance, which was pretty emotional. We’ve danced with each other for so long now; it’s sad knowing that our time on stage together is coming to an end.”

The hours of practice and preparation truly did form the show to be the best it could be. “Overall, I think the show was one of the best we have had,” said Guay. “Every piece was clean and embedded in our heads. This past semester we really grew as a team through various team outings and I think it really molds how we dance together as a group.”

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Dance company ‘Fools’ Suffolk