Ram Recruiter now available for job searches

Patrick Holmes and Serina Gousby

At the beginning of the academic year, Suffolk’s Career Development Center launched a new database where students and alumni are able to find job and internship opportunities as well as connect with employers who will have full access to their resume and academic information.

Ram Recruiter, powered by the Handshake database and similar to LinkedIn, is a new and easy way for students to brand themselves. In the past, Suffolk used a database called Experience, which seemed to be very difficult for students to navigate finding a job or upload their resume.

The CDC has deliberately stressed that this new database is user-friendly. An example of this arises in uploading resumes. When uploaded, information is automatically applied to profiles, such as putting your job experience on there in the correct place.

Besides job experience, Ram Recruiter allows users to fill out sections such as courses enrolled in, current projects and extracurriculars involved in, and any external links to personal media.

After filling in the fields and creating the profile, students are connected to many different employers and companies that are looking for Suffolk students to hire for jobs and internships.

Ram Recruiter is an advantage against other students in the Boston area due to the specific tailoring to Suffolk students. Students can also follow certain employers on the database to see the latest job and internship postings.

Moreover, logging into Ram Recruiter is as easy as typing in a Suffolk email and corresponding password, allowing no room for error.

Although named Ram Recruiter from the winner of a contest, Lisa Huynh, the database is powered by Handshake, which is advertised as “A Full Featured Modern and Intuitive Career Service Management Platform” on their website.

Some of the features Handshake offers are event management, room management, job postings, and appointments. Suffolk includes a link to schedule an appointment with a CDC advisor to make the process simple.

An advisor can help one through the process of Ram Recruiter to develop skills for proficient job and internship searching. The profile created pertains to one’s major, but could also help one find possible additional careers that may also interest them.

The CDC is available to help Suffolk students find careers after their time at Suffolk is up. Advisors also aid with resume-building and finding available internships related to their interests.

Ram Recruiter is a stepping stone in the process that the advisor’s guide a student through.