Margaret McKenna comes to Suffolk with a passion for students and the city


On Tuesday evening, Suffolk University announced its next president, Margaret McKenna.

McKenna, a native of Rhode Island, is excited to take on the position as the tenth president of Suffolk.

“Its a great school I’ve admired for a long time, and its values are very much ones that I share,” said McKenna in an interview with the Journal.

Coming to the university with a passion for student support and higher education, McKenna said she has goals to establish relationships with students as well as to further unite the university.

Despite her recent appointment, McKenna already has goals in place of what she would like to accomplish at Suffolk, such as ensuring collaboration across the university. “There’s real power in that,” said McKenna.

In addition, McKenna also aims to increase Suffolk’s involvement with the outside community, such as other universities, businesses and the city in general.

“It’s in a unique space sitting in the middle of one of the most vibrant cities … We need to make sure we focus on the things we do really well, and I know there are a lot of them.”

Above all, Mckenna emphasized the passion that she has for supporting and connecting with students. Reflecting on the forum and meet-and-greet sessions held on campus last week, Mckenna said it was, “the frosting on the cake for me. People were so enthusiastic, so responsive and so energetic. It was an opportunity for me to feel a sense of community, which is so important to me.”

Mckenna also said that she is someone who will be seen around campus, whether it be at a theatre performance or sports game.

“I have always enjoyed my contact with students,” she said. “We need to model the behavior we want our students to have.”

In addition to her dedication to students, McKenna also has a passion for the city of Boston.

“I love its diversity, its culture, its politics. It’s just an exciting city to be in. It has so much to offer. It’s a great town, it’s an urban city that works. It’s a real model.”

McKenna will be attending the university’s commencement ceremony this weekend as an observer.

“Next year I’ll have some idea and know what happens and see how it could be enhanced,” she said.

No official date has been set for McKenna to take over as president of the university.