SGA top officers selected for next academic year


Photo courtesy of SGA's Facebook.

The executive board and other Student Government Association officials were selected Wednesday night following an online election. Elections followed a forum last week for the executive board candidates, who all ran unopposed. The results are as follows:

President  Colin F. Loiselle,  Class of 2016

Vice President     Sean Walsh,  Class of 2018

Treasurer      Cam Viola,  Class of 2017

Secretary  Brianna Silva,  Class of 2017


Class of 2016 Senators

Monica Caggiano

Ryan C. Thomas

Justin A. Pires

Stefanie Aguiar

Victoria Ireton

Julianne K. Jeha

Samantha Anton

Lucynda Carrancedo


Class of 2017 Senators

Emory Holmes

John Medlinskas

Bobbi Wallenberg


Class of 2018 Senators

Daniel Gazzani

Jonathan McTague

Kimberly Ginsberg

Caitlin Hankard

Worth M. Walrod IV

Nicholas DeSouza

Dev Dixit

Levi Smith

Nikki Ellis (Write In-Pending Candidate Confirmation)


Senators At Large

Senator at Large- Open (three)

Makenzie Despres (Write-In- Pending Candidate Confirmation)

Shavanae Anderson(Write-In- Pending Candidate Confirmation)

Nicole Enos (Write-In- Pending Candidate Confirmation)


Senator at Large- Diversity

Danisha Dumornay (Write-In- Pending Candidate Confirmation)


Senator at Large- NESAD

Elizabeth Rennie


Senator at Large- Residence Life

Jared Gaudet (Write-In- Pending Candidate Confirmation)


Senator at Large- Commuter Students

Jonathon Phillips