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Suffolk student co-creates app

One year ago on Thanksgiving, two childhood friends sat down together after attending a party, and turned what they thought would be a small dream into a reality. Sophomore Luis Polito and business partner Eduardo Escobar proceeded to create the app Klike, pronounced with a hard sounding “I.”

“When we woke up the next morning, Eduardo looked at me and said, ‘Why don’t we build an app?” said Polito.

Klike offers users a simple and easy way to create and share events, without the hassle of third party applications like Facebook or Twitter. Klike is designed for every kind of event, from study sessions to meetings, to parties, get togethers, and trips. Another one of the app’s features is that it allows users to access kinds of events and attire guests are expected to wear.

Courtesy of Luis Polito

“Last week, we officially submitted the app to Apple for review. It usually takes from two to 10 days for a final response,” said Polito, on Thursday.

When Polito and Escobar discussed app ideas, they first came up with an E-commerce app, similar to the functions of eBay, but didn’t like it. Their attention soon turned to event planning, and that’s where the idea for Klike began.

“I said, ‘We should go into the event/party industry,’” Polito remembered. “We knew there was something missing in the event industry. Everybody creates separate invites on all these different apps for these events, which totals up to about 10 different apps that everyone’s using, but why don’t we just put this into one single app?” he asked.

The duo set out to make their vision come true, but the journey wasn’t all that smooth, Polito said.

“At first we opened our own company to fund ourselves,” Polito said. “Very naively, we thought that we could code the app ourselves and we tried to do this from buying a Stanford coding lesson.”

Recalling his underestimation of the coding process, Polito said, “About 15 minutes into the lesson, we decided that we had to hire an iOS developer to work with,” Polito said.

The pair contracted with a developer team in Austin, Texas, to bring their vision to life. The entire process was also completed through Google Hangouts, cell phone conversations, and FaceTime, as Polito lives in Boston, and business partner Escobar lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Klike also contains other details users would normally have to get through multiple media sites. There is a map feature, a date that takes you to your calendar on your phone, and a list of all the attendees of the event, so guests don’t need to use separate text messages or Facebook. It also includes different privacy settings, where one can customize who they want to see the events.

“Our goal was to make it as easy as possible to use,” said Polito.

For people who do not have the app on their phones, Klike is still able to reach them. As soon as you log into Klike, it will ask for permission to access your contacts, then you can select your contacts to invite to the event. It will then send push notifications if the user has a Klike, but if not, the user will instead receive a text message of the invitation, with the full details.

“You will receive an invitation no matter what, whether you have the app or not,” said Polito.

Users have the option to create an event and include a name, description, picture, place, and guest list all in one app. If Apple releases the app, Klike will be free.

An anticipated release date would be in early November.

“It’s been a long process,” said Polito. “We got into it thinking it was going to be easy, and it wasn’t, but we love it. After all of this, I’ve learned how to open a company and how lawyers work because we had to patent our ideas. It’s been an amazing experience from both sides. It’s been great.”

For more information on Klike, visit the website

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Suffolk student co-creates app