Oaths and opportunities delivered at SGA meeting

President Norman Smith spent a half hour engaging the Student Government Association senators at their general meeting Thursday, introducing himself and laying out his vision for Suffolk University.

After Dean of Students Nancy Stoll administered the oaths of office to the senators, president Smith enthusiastically described what changes he had made since his arrival at Suffolk on Sept. 1, but added that he could not offer extensive details because he has only been at the school a month.

Smith focused on the positive, and said he was optimistic about Suffolk’s future, emphasizing the opportunity to “put Suffolk on the radar,” particularly in the mid-Atlantic region.

Provost Marisa Kelly also spoke at the meeting.

A full story covering SGA’s meeting will run in the print edition of The Suffolk Journal on Oct. 7.

SGA President Tyler LeBlanc, Secretary Dennis Harkins, and Vice President Colin Loiselle.
(Photo by Sam Humphrey)