Video Gamers’ Army plays on student’s passions

Attention all gamers in the Suffolk University community: if you have a passion for gaming, or even if you are just the casual player, then you might want to check out the Video Gamers’ Army (VGA).

“No matter what type of games you like, you’re bound to find someone in the club who shares the same interest,” said Richard Capezzuto, vice president of the club.

The club’s public relation representative, Michael Litman, a senior, gave the Suffolk Journal the inside scoop. The VGA is a recreational group that provides an entertaining environment, allowing students to unwind and have fun during the activities period each week of the school year. During their meetings, they prompt and encourage group discussions about current video game topics and future intellectual products that are anticipating release. The group also play games new and old at these meetings, showcasing a universal respect for the art.

““I love the club itself, and am glad that we have such a diverse group of gamers,” said Capezzuto, “We have a ton of fun during our meetings and events. It really feels like a gathering of friends, especially after the new members get to know everyone.”

Photo courtesy of VGA’s Facebook

Every semester they have not one, but two free-entry video game tournaments. VGA awards prizes for the people that place first, second, and third. The first tournament the VGA is hosting this year factors the fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us. The game showcases the superheroes from DC Comics including Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern. This will take place Oct.11 in the Donahue Cafe.

The following tournament will also take place in the Donahue Café on Nov. 8, but the featured game hasn’t been announced as of yet.

“I expect more fun times from these events and our general meetings for the rest of the semester,” said Capezzuto.

For all fans, casual and hardcore alike, a great source of discussion will be on the next generation platforms like the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. Of course, there is brand loyalty, but discussions on benefits and flaws of each system is a hot topic. This is the future of gaming and it shows the advanced progression of where the virtual world is headed and what it means for the community that comes with it.

The way VGA stays connected to Suffolk is through the diversity of its members. Its members come from all different backgrounds, majors, and interests. The VGA brings these students together through the common passion of video games, allowing them to develop friendships.

“I joined the club during my freshman year two years ago because video games have always been something I was passionate about,” said Capezzuto. “Being able to spend my college experience with fellow gamers seemed like a good idea, and it did not disappoint.”

If interested in joining the Video Gamers’ Army, one can find its office on the fourth floor of Donahue. You can also look them up on