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Sean Egan

INSTARAM: What is your major/year? 
SEAN EGAN: I’m Sean, and I’m a Sophomore Political Science major with a minor in Philosophy.

What activities are you involved in on and off campus? 
EGAN: I’m the musical director for Rhythm, Suffolk’s Contemporary Music Ensemble, as well as the bassist for the school’s Jazz Ensemble. Off Campus, I play in a local band called The Band of Extraordinary Gentlemen (yeah, you can like us on Facebook. No really, go ahead if you haven’t already. I’ll wait… Got it? Good!), and I volunteer regularly with HOBY, a youth organization that cultivates and develops leadership potential in high school students.

How did you find your way around campus? What advice do you have for the incoming freshmen? 
EGAN: I know finding my way around campus was a little confusing during my first semester here, and I’m from Boston. Naturally, you shouldn’t feel bad if you find yourself, say, walking into the same English class three times in an increasingly embarrassing attempt to find your Math 130 class. It happens to everybody. Or so I tell myself.

Something I discovered early on in the semester that proved to be exceptionally useful was the “Suffolk” app, which I believe is still available on the app store. It has everything from a campus map, a directory, and your course schedule. I know it spared me a lot of time and frustration.

What has been your greatest accomplishment at Suffolk? 
EGAN: My greatest accomplishment is most definitely, without a doubt, competing in InstaRam SU’s “InstaTriva” competition earlier this spring. Personal accounts regarding the “results” of the contest may differ, but pretty much anyone will tell you that I was pretty on top of my trivia game for the duration of March. While a few erroneous answers here and there prevented me from technically winning, I will say that I comfortably secured the “Consolation Prize,” beating out Sam “The Bruiser” Zeiberg for the distinction.

Editor’s Note: This particular trivia contest involved a prize to the person who received the most points for correctly answering the question first. Sean repeatedly responded seconds after the correct answer, or quickly with a sadly incorrect answer. By the end of the week-long contest, we messed with Sean by posting questions such as “What is Sean Egan’s room number?”, which people would STILL beat him to. Sean ended the contest in 2nd to last place, despite having participated more than almost anyone else.

Tell us – what is your favorite story to tell at parties/social gatherings?
EGAN:While I would love to recount some of my favorite escapades that so frequently garnish the pleasant conversation typical of my afternoon tea sessions, there are a select few that are, perhaps, not completely appropriate for all of InstaRam’s readership. Namely, my parents.

This particular story is actually one a friend told me, but I love it too much to not tell you all about it. For the sake of convenience, it will be told from a 1st person perspective:

So, my friends and I are riding around in a limo following our Junior prom, cruising the streets of Boston, talking about our AP exams and trying to find pizza. Such is the life of gangsters.

Anyway, we find a pizza place that’s open, get our food, and are on our way. Or we would have been, had I not a mighty need for the restroom. But alack, my bladder had other plans, and I found myself back inside the pizza shop, waiting in line for the bathroom.

It was at this point when a large gentleman found his way up to the counter and began to place his order. As he’s placing his order, an equally large gentleman, seemingly unrelated to the first, finds his way to the counter and stands next to the first. The newcomer looks to the man to his left, and propositions: “Yo dawg, lemme get dat Parmesan cheese.” The first gentleman turns to the second and rebuts: “Forreal man? That’s maaaaaaaad disrespectful.”

From here, these two gentlemen presumably began to heatedly debate the ethics of Pizza Shop etiquette in what I assume was another language before taking the discussion to the street and engaging in fisticuffs. What was even more interesting was that there wasn’t actually any Parmesan cheese in sight. For all I knew, there wasn’t even any on the premises.

But so help me if that Parmesan wasn’t like the Holy Grail to these two individuals. Also I never got to go to the bathroom. The end.

And, ladies and gents, Sean Egan concludes our InstaRam interviews for the #summerofsuffolk! Come back next week for a special countdown for the incoming Freshmen!

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