STUDENT FEATURE: Bobby Zupkofska

INSTARAM: What is your major/year?
BOBBY ZUPKOFSKA: Theatre Major/Junior

What activities are you involved in on and off campus?
ZUPKOFSKA: Activity wise, I involve myself in all things theatrical; I am such a performer and have a deep passion for theatre. I have been heavily involved with most Theatre Department and PAO productions. Just this last semester I was the Assistant Stage Manager for Avenue Q, The Dramaturge for The Crucible and Run Crew for Voices for Now, and on top of all of that, I’ve been involved with a 10th Anniversary Concert version of Les Misérables at my former High School. And that is just last semester! I haven’t been as heavily involved off campus, although last spring, I did The Wedding Singer Musical at the Company Theatre which ran for four weekends; it was so much fun but pretty intense considering I was also balancing the second half of my freshman year. Other than that I take vocal lessons from the amazing Gina Beck, which may not seem like an activity but I have fun, mainly because I love to sing. I am basically the stereotypical theatre kid!Bobby Zupkofska

How did you find your way around campus? What advice do you have for the incoming freshmen?
ZUPKOFSKA: I have to thank the Theatre Department for helping me find my way around and adjusting to College life. Everyone in the Department is so approachable and willing to help you out and they definitely helped me adjust to the new area and deal with all the troubles I was dealing with at the time. My job as, what I call, “The Head Usher” also helped me adjust; I see so many faces for all the events I work at and build strong working relationships with my peers, which helped me make friends my freshman year. I also get to meet the people who make all these events happen and build a connection with them too, which is just as great.
My advice for freshmen: Get Involved. Be Ambitious. I always think of myself as an ambitious person but, looking back on it, I felt I should’ve done this and that but never did. So I definitely advice all freshmen to do whatever you love to do. Don’t think: “well I’m just a freshman…” be ambitious! Don’t have second thoughts about joining an organization, or auditioning for a show because that’s the best way to make friends especially if you’re doing what you love to do.

What has been your greatest accomplishment at Suffolk?
ZUPKOFSKA: I would have to say my greatest accomplishment was playing the role of Hyllus in These Seven Sicknesses. Usually when I’m in a play I think: “I’m a better singer than an actor” but not this time! I felt really confident in my acting ability and I proved to my biggest critic (me) that I really got what it takes to be an actor. I also must add that being the ASM for Avenue Q was also a big accomplishment. I went into the show knowing very little about my position and came out really enjoying stage management. Both these accomplishments were definitely my greatest achievements for the fall and spring semesters this past school year.

Random Question: If you were ruler of a country, what would you call it?
ZUPKOFSKA: I LOVE this question! Everyone who knows me knows that I am completely obsessed with the musical Evita and the woman behind it, Eva Perón. I would definitely rule my country in the style of Eva Perón and I would call it “The New Argentina” after my favorite song in the musical “A New Argentina.” I can just see myself belting out all of Eva’s big numbers in the show to my Descamisados; it’s like my weird fantasy.

Thank you Bobby! Stay tuned for more InstaRam features over the summer – we love to feature our fellow students!