INSTARAM: What is your major/year?
JAKE ATHYAL: Communication Journalism/ Theatre Major, Class of 2014

What activities are you involved in on and off campus?
ATHYAL: I’ve acted in 4 professional productions, 14 Suffolk productions, am the President of the Techies Union, am a member of the Suffolk Forensics team, danced in Suffolk’s Bhangra Dance team, am a New England qualified Mixed Martial Artist, work as a massage therapist on weekends and as an actor at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum.Jake Athyal

How did you find your way around campus? What advice do you have for the incoming freshmen?
ATHYAL: One of the best things about SU is that it’s only going to be as beneficial, productive and fruitful as you want it to be. You have the option of going to class, heading back home and playing video games all day. Or you could join one of our many dance or music groups, get on Suffolk Radio, write for a Suffolk newspaper, get on NECN (Suffolk in the City), be an orientation leader, join the improv or sketch team, anything. If you don’t find somewhere you feel you fit, start a group of your own. Yeah, that’s an option.

What has been your greatest accomplishment at Suffolk?
ATHYAL: Campus Cutie.

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Random Question: As a former campus cutie, who is YOUR biggest campus crush, and why?
ATHYAL: Campus wise? Too many. There are so many people here who have blown me away. Professors like Wes Savick, Caitlin Langstaff, Richard Chambers, Soshana Madmoni and so many more who seem to blow my mind almost on a daily basis. Almost casually. The don’t brainwash, they don’t convert, they don’t influence. They force you to reason and rationalize for yourself. I find that level of culture and cultivation irresistible.