New York City’s famed Shake Shack sets up shop in Boston


After much speculation and pleasant word of mouth by many local city dwellers, the famed New York bred burger franchise Shake Shack has landed in Chestnut Hill. Setting up shop just over six miles away from the heart of Suffolk University’s campus, Shake Shack has been nothing but an acclaim since their doors were opened on March 20, 2013 – aiding Massachusetts in celebrating the very first day of spring.  Located directly off of a busy highway, better know as Route 9, at 49 Boylston St. more specifically, Bostonians can now enjoy all the juicy goodness that lies between the lettuce, tomatoes, burger and the bun at the popular Shake Shack.

Traveling by car would be the ideal situation, but as for young learners dwelling in the city of Boston and the college atmosphere, this particular location is quite the adventure to get to. Approximately 11 stops on the MBTA’s D-line will take you right into suburban serenity, leaving consumers only minutes away from the shack that has the entire city wanting more. After about a 15-minute walk, only if you head in the correct direction down the route, Shake Shack is tucked away neatly in a small shopping plaza. Walking along Route 9 there is nothing more heavy on your mind after a long commute to Chestnut Hill than an ice cold strawberry-lemonade or frozen custard, and by the time your mouth starts to water you will have hit the end of the line entering the newly-developed building.

For a fairly intimidating line, the very first Shake Shack installment in Massachusetts does a fantastic job of sifting through the hungry and excited customers, placing orders and brightly answering questions. Just as many of the conveniently located New York restaurants, this Shake Shack had availability buzzers and outdoor seating available for the overwhelming amount of customers looking to have their orders fulfilled.

As a returning customer to Shake Shack, one would think that it would be a lot easier to find a nice table indoors than the Upper West Side location, which is placed directly across from the Museum of Natural History, attracting families of all sizes – think again. After just a short month, visiting on a sunny weekday, customers can still expect a line of about 15 customers minimum leading up to the burger joint.

Shake Shack was successfully initiated as a hot dog cart in New York City’s Madison Square Park in Manhattan to support the Madison Square Park Conservancy’s first art installation in 2001, with fans lining up daily for three consecutive summers according to Shake Shack’s website. After gaining access to a permanent kiosk amongst the many others in New York City, Shake Shack gained notoriety as a delicious burger joint welcoming food lovers from all over the world as they visited N.Y.

Shake Shack posted on their website stating “thanks for the warm welcome, Boston!” It is clear that Bostonians have been flocking to the prominently developed shack to devour the variety of burgers, hot dogs, fries shakes, t-shirts and dog treats offered. After taking a first bite of a burger or a first whiff of one of their crispy French fries, the six mile trek to Massachusetts’s only standing Shake Shack is easily the treat of the century. With nine locations in New York alone, Shake Shack also has two locations in Connecticut, three in Florida, two in Washington D.C., a shack in Philly, and various international locations. It is without a doubt that this particular franchise is taking over the burger joint business. The inviting friendly service and delicious deals that lie within the restaurant’s walls easily make this particular location one of the more memorable experiences in comparission to the shacks spread throughout the various parts around the country.