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A&F still discriminating against Muslim women who wear hijabs

Craig Martin/Journal Staff
March 4, 2015

By Maria Baluch The Supreme Court last week heard arguments in a discrimination lawsuit against American retailer Abercrombie & Fitch. The case, brought forth by the Equal Employment Opportunity...

Beyond the Constitution: Why a Supreme Court ruling won’t bring LGBTQ justice

By Flickr user Jason Scott
February 4, 2015

When the U.S. Supreme Court announced last month it would decide whether same-sex marriage is protected by the Constitution, I was underwhelmed at the news. In the “suggested” related articles on the...

Supreme Court still not doing enough for gay marriage

by Flickr user Bart Vis
October 15, 2014

by Alexa Gagosz Many are saying that the Supreme Court’s decision to not review same-sex marriage rulings has “lit a fuse to a powder keg culturally that is going to have ramifications for years...

Supreme Court showdown adds to health care mess

Supreme Court showdown adds to health care mess
April 10, 2012

Currently, the Supreme Court of the United States is debating whether the Affordable Care Act, the controversial health care reform bill ‘lovingly’ dubbed Obamacare (or Romneycare, depending on how...

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