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Catalonia awaits decision on secession

By Facebook user Republican SINN FEIN Poblachtach

Matt Geer

October 18, 2017

With the pending secession of the autonomous Catalonia, the political landscape of Spain has been notably altered. This poses a multitude of problems for both the nation of Spain and Catalonia. For Spain, Catalan independence would mean losing its most industrialized region and would put Spain in a...

Exhibit provides a snapshot of summer program

Exhibit provides a snapshot of summer program

April 1, 2015

By Jennifer Usovicz On display on the fourth floor of the Ridgeway building are the photographs shot by Suffolk students across the Atlantic in Spain, work that is a product of Professor Ken Martin’s course, “Lens on Spain: Photojournalism in Madrid.” The class is run exclusively in the summer...

Catalonia seeking separation from Spain

(By Flickr user Catalonia is not Spain)

Alexa Gagosz

October 29, 2014

By Alexa Gagosz The Catalans protest against the nation that has basically owned them for years saying, “Catalonia is not Spain,” as their argument. Catalonia used to be an independent region, part of the Iberian peninsula, which is now modern-day Spain and Portugal, since the ninth century....

“Away for the Summer” exhibit showcases students’ work from Italy and Spain

Ally Thibault

September 18, 2013

Fresh Italian herbs placed around the main gallery at the New England School of Art and Design  last Thursday night for the opening of the “Away for the Summer” exhibition filled the room with the aromas of Europe. Watercolor paintings of the Italian countryside and photographs of Spanish cities...

Opinion On Abroad: A Semester in Spain

Opinion On Abroad:  A Semester in Spain

February 7, 2013

Molly Chandler  Journal Contributor It’s true that the scene would be more flattering as a silhouette, but it has a peculiar beauty. From where I sit on a park bench, I can see a handful of people, their junk, and their treasure splashed with the pink light of sunrise. An old woman has wrapped hers...

¡Adiós América; hola España!

Andrea Osterloh

September 22, 2010

As summer came to a close with fall semester quickly approaching, returning students and incoming freshman excitedly packed their suitcases, shopped for dorm furniture and decorations and awaited the greatly anticipated move-in day at their prospective schools. A small group of students from Suffolk...

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