The Suffolk Journal

A dream come true, Soulfully Versed debut

Courtesy of Soulfully Versed

Juliana Tuozzola

March 27, 2018

Suffolk University’s Soulfully Versed, one of two A cappella groups on campus, prides itself upon both diversity and unity. This group represents 14 different and uniquely talented students, but when their individual passions and voices come together, there is no question that Soulfully Versed embodi...

Ramifications belt out alongside nation’s best voices

Courtesy of The Ramifications

Patrick Holmes

February 8, 2017

On Saturday night, Suffolk University’s a cappella group known as the Ramifications took center stage at the Berklee Performance Hall to unleash a moving set worthy of applause. As the second act out of eight to perform, they had the chance to define the beginning of the competition and give the audi...

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