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Rand Paul making the leap to 2016 GOP frontrunner

Rand Paul
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
March 25, 2015

By Ian Kea Looking to reclaim the presidency after two terms of Democratic control, Republicans will have a considerable pool of candidates to choose from in 2016. One group is related to former presidents,...

Jeb Bush announces plan to explore 2016 bid

December 16, 2014

Jeb Bush has weighed in and the Republican party has a potential first candidate for the 2016 election. According to USA Today, Bush made a surprise announcement Tuesday, saying he is going to “actively...

GOP debate keeps schoolyard antics alive and well

GOP debate keeps schoolyard antics alive and well
October 25, 2011

The GOP debate last Tuesday was complete warfare.  I think we have officially moved past the point of pleasantries between candidates, and they’re taking swings left and right. I’m a little embarrassed...

Political Research Center releases new poll

October 5, 2011

Suffolk polling is once again at the forefront of the political discussion as the GOP primary race in New Hampshire begins to take shape.   The University’s Political Research Center released...

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