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War on drugs: a failing battle against suffering

War on drugs: a failing battle against suffering

Chaim Wigder

February 22, 2017

For those of us seriously concerned with the ever-failing war on drugs, Donald’s Trump’s presidency is proving to be as regressive on social and public health reforms as anyone thought, having taken the wrong step on yet another key issue. Earlier this month, Trump passed three executive orders r...

Suffolk alum stays true to roots in Boston-based novel

Author Paul Garvey is a Suffolk alumnus.
Courtesy of Paul Garvey

March 25, 2015

By Jenna Collins “Rook to Bishop” is an action-packed, heart-racing novel that captures the audience as soon as protagonist Liam Maguire, and the trouble surrounding him and his sister, is introduced. Paul Garvey, a 2005 graduate of Suffolk, has pushed his Finance degree aside and put his heart into what he enjoys- writing. “Rook to Bis...

Celebrity deaths prompt necessary discussion of drug addiction

Philip Seymour Hoffman died of an apparent drug overdose Feb. 9, The New York Times reported.
(Photo by Flickr user Justinhoch)

Ally Johnson

February 12, 2014

It has come to point where collectively, we must re-address how we partake in discussions about drug addiction. For a very long time the general public - bereft of an addictive disposition - has viewed drug addiction as ill-informed, foolish, selfish-anything that places all of the blame on the addict...

State Drug Lab Scandal

State Drug Lab Scandal

David Frederick

September 26, 2012

What emotional response would I gather if I told you that because of “evidence mishandling,” around 34,000 criminal cases have been tampered with. Shocking, isn’t it? The law enforcement community is in an uproar because Annie Dookhan, a nine year chemist at a state drug lab may have tampered with...

Partygoers asking for danger in a night out

Partygoers asking for danger in a night out

Angela Bray

December 3, 2010

Angela Bray Journal Staff This article is part 2 of 2 in a story concerning ecstasy use among college students. All students quoted used pseudonyms for anonymity. All schools and class years are accurate. Within feet of a nightclub rope, the ground is already vibrating with bass. A spine chill ...

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