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“Spectre” falls flat next to recent films

By Wikimedia Commons

Sam Humphrey

November 18, 2015

As fans of the James Bond series flock to see its 24th installment, “Spectre,” they are expecting the same top-notch acting and cinematography we have come to expect from Daniel Craig’s stint as 007. Most importantly, the film needs a compelling storyline to keep the audience interested but not confused. But anyone who hasn’t yet seen the film can expect to be disappoint...

Bond proves to be still sharp in new Skyfall

Vassili Stroganov

November 29, 2012

The critics have been tough on the James Bond films in recent years and it seems like the franchise was going to go up in smoke. The once so powerful and invincible James Bond character suddenly became less interesting to watch. The star of the series that inspired more sequels than any other film in ...

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