Suffolk Program Council and O.C.H.O. Host Pre-Finals Carnival


In a type of “calm before the storm” moment, Suffolk University Program Council and O.C.H.O. teamed up to bring a slice of bohemian life to the Downtown Boston campus. The fourth floor of Donnahue was host to a mini carnival this Tuesday, complete with airbrush hats, caricatures, and balloon animals.

The carnival was the first in a set of pre-finals relxation events hosted by Suffolk. “We probably got a lot of students who don’t normally come to events [to come],” said O.C.H.O. Student Ambassador Christina Webster, “it was nice to see new faces.”

The event wasn’t all just pure entertainment, O.C.H.O. Ambassadors brought several representatives from the city to educate students on the benefits and challenges of apartment living. “ We wanted to have an event that would include commuter students,” said Program Council President Helaina Polito.

The overall favorite at the fest was a booth with customized airbrushed trucker hats. However, Joe Howard, a balloon artist with over 30 years of experience kept drawing a crowd by fulfilling their animal requests, no matter how strange they may have seemed.

A magician was also seen walking around the fourth floor lounge, yet when approached he only described himself as a handsome guy with cards.

As is the case with most Suffolk events, the pizza was gone early into the event’s life, nonetheless, over 200 people had shown up to take in the pre-finals festivities by the time the doors closed.